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SHAREit for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS

SHAREit App is the fastest file sharing app developed ever works on multiple operating systems. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth reaching the maximum speed up to 20Mbps. Sharing files using USB, emails, Bluetooth is no longer required as SHAREit needs just a few clicks to transmit files. It is not confined to a few file types, even SHAREit iOS supports sharing images, videos, music, document, apps and all the other types of files between other devices. SHAREit app is compatible with PCs, tablets, and mobiles operate on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac OS. SHAREit supports sharing whatever you want whenever you need.

SHAREit App is simple but still it is extremely faster; in Wi-Fi connections it transfers files at an average speed of 20Mbps in a fraction of a second.SHAREit file transfer requires no USB cables, Bluetooth but Wi-Fi connection. By using the same Wi-Fi local network mobile devices can share the files without paying for the mobile network charges.

SHAREit download has now become one of the most popular app download among users. Using Wi-Fi to share file creates SoftAP network to make a faster file transfer between the two devices. SHAREit Android app supports Samsung, Huawei, Coolpad, Vivo, OPPO, Sony, Xiaomi while SHAREit PC is compatible with Lenovo, Dell, HP and Mac brands.

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SHAREit App New Features

  • Real-time faster sharing with QR scanning
  • No File Size limitations
  • Sharing files between PCs, mobiles and PC to mobile
  • Remote view to look into sharing files
  • Multimedia facility
  • Low RAM and battery usage
  • No mobile network data charges

Official SHAREit App Download

Download SHAREit for Windows, Android, iPhones, iPads and MacBook from our official SHAREit download page free. SHAREit download is available for all operating systems with their all latest versions.

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Smartphone to PC File Transfer with SHAREit Mobile App

Click on the top left icon on the mobile screen to connect the smart phone to PC. The “Option” menu appears and go to "Connect to PC". SHAREit mobile app asks for the permission for connecting the PC with “Scan to Connect to PC SHAREit”. Click the button on SHAREit PC app to get QR code through it. Scan QR code on PC to connect PC and mobile device. After scan is finished you can see the PC and the smart phone are connecting.

 download SHAREit apk

Android SHAREit New Features

  • Receive and transfer files at the same time.
  • 10 -15 Mbps high-speed file sharing
  • Privacy protection and high data security

Transfer files from smart phones to PC needs no Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth or cable connections. Shareit mobile app requires only a QR code to connect both the smart phone and the PC. The more you use SHAREit, the easier the transfer files you experience.

SHAREit PC File Transfer from PC to PC

SHAREit PC supports sharing data between PC and mobile and PC and PC. To start the file sharing, go to SHAREit app home page, tap on the down arrow appears at the top of SHAREit PC app and go to options. Click on Settings and select the file location you need to save the files to receive. Two devices is connecting to each other through the same network. Select the avatar of the device need to connect to, appears at the bottom of the app. Click on avatar of the PC need to connect and the connection is being set up to initialize. The target PC asks for the permission to accept the request and grant the permission. File transferring starts once two PCs get connected through SHAREit PC. If both PCs are secured with a password, then enter the passwords for the both PCs and start transferring files.

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New Features in SHAREit PC App

  • Better than Xender, Zapya and other file transferring apps.
  • 50 times faster than Bluetooth file sharing.
  • Inter-platform connectivity

How to Install SHAREit PC for Mac OS

Shareit download for Mac OS

To install shareit pc for Mac first download Android Emulator for Mac to run as a virtual platform. Follow the instruction and install Android Emulator on Mac. Connect to Google Account if it prompts. It won’t do any harm it is safe to perform. Now you can see Android OS in Mac. Download and install SHAREit App as is Android OS, in Mac.

SHAREit PC makes easier copying files from laptops to desktops in your workplace, school, college or university. Download SHAREit for Windows and Mac OS to share work with friends and enjoy the best ever experience you can have with latest SHAREit app.

Get SHAREit download today for your iPhone, MacBook, Android phone and Windows PC for the fastest file share to eliminate the use of pen drives, USB and LAN cables. Join with official SHAREit app website for the latest and exclusive news, updates and tutorials.